Expert in land use planning and natural resource management 

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Recruitment of Expert in land use planning and natural resource management 

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One of the manifestations of climatic hazards in Mali, is the reduction of forest cover in landscapes including agroecosystems, due to the variability of rainfall pattern. In this regard, the current project aims to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in a context of climate change to ensure sustainable development. This project is consistent with the national environmental protection policy (management of climate change, management of natural resources, improvement of the living environment of the population, consolidation of environmental actions and promotion of sustainable development) which includes (restoration of the landscape, strengthening the resilience of communities to climate change and development of entrepreneurship around NTFP value chains while taking gender into account). To fill these gaps, the spatial planning of municipal territories is proving to be a real decision-making tool that would help reduce as much as possible the social gaps between pastoralists and farmers, young and old, healthy, and disabled people, women and men as well as between non-natives and natives. In this perspective the spatial planning instruments, in particular land use planning schemes is seen as a robust decision-making tool that could help the government of Mali to establish a permanent dialogue between the State and the communities. 


This term of reference is designed for the recruitment of an expert with experience at the national and regional level in the field of land use planning and natural resource management to meet the expectations of decision-makers and actors of spatial planning under the climate change context.

Expected outcome

  • The workshop was launch and the main recommendations are capitalized on, for the development of SLAT (Local Land Use Planning Scheme),
  • Major land uses (areas of agricultural entrepreneurship, agro-forestry area, cultivation areas, gene conservation plots for priority species, grazing area, hunting and wildlife reserve areas, community forest, gallery forests and surface waters, biodiversity conservation areas, etc.) are known and the content of the SLAT is known by the participants,
  • The participants defined a roadmap for the implementation of their SLAT.

 Specific Objectives of the consultancy

The development of SLAT (Local Land Use Planning Scheme) being a long process and requiring more investment, it is urgent to focus on the following objectives:

  • Capacity building of the staff of communes and Mali-Folksinger’s staff to take ownership of the local land use planning tool for sustainable management of forest resources,
  • Coach the technical staff of the municipalities to test the SLAT approach in their respective municipalities for a better appropriation of the approach. 

Consultancy Requirements:

For this consultant in planning, land use planning and natural resource management:

He must:

  • Hold at least a master’s degree (BAC + 5) in land use planning and natural resource management,
  • Having at least 15 years of professional experience and having carried out similar missions in the region (West Africa) would be a considerable asset,
  • Be able to speak French and English at the same time,
  • Be a good team manager,
  • Be a national or regional (West Africa).

Terms of offer

We offer a collegial, diverse and gender-sensitive working environment, and we strongly encourage applications from qualified women. The appointment will be for an initial period 15 days maximum.

Start Date:  October 25, 2021

How to apply

Please send your resume with a cover letter to:

Applications will be considered until 15 October 2021.  Please note that only short-listed applicants meeting the above requirements will be contacted.

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