Development Program Specialist (Environmental Compliance)

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Vacant Position advertisement: USAID/Mali Development Program Specialist (Environmental Compliance) 

REF No.:  72068819R10005 (must inserted in the subject line of the email)



Located in USAID/Mali’s Program Office, the Environmental Compliance Specialist serves as the Mission Environmental Officer (MEO) and is responsible for managing the Mission’s environmental compliance activities.  As the Mission’s MEO, the incumbent works to ensure the successful implementation of mandatory environmental assessments as well as environmental compliance monitoring and reporting for all activities in the USAID/Mali portfolio. The MEO will be the POC for all RAMSAR site Programmatic Environmental Assessment matters after the departure of the temporary PEA Coordinator. He/she closely coordinates with technical teams to fulfill monitoring and reporting responsibilities on environmental compliance for USAID/Mali’s health; agriculture; natural resources management; peace, democracy, and governance; education and other programs. In order to ensure prudent environmental management and compliance, he/she works closely with all Contracting/Agreement Officer’s Representatives (COR/AOR) and their alternates, activity managers, Team Leaders and Office Directors. The incumbent develops and maintains professional contacts in both the public and private sectors, including Government of Mali (GOM) officials, implementing partners, consultants, non-governmental organizations, and other relevant development partners in Mali.


  1. Life of Project Environmental Compliance Advisory Services (30%):

The Environmental Compliance Specialist is responsible for:

  • Advising teams, activity managers and CORs/AORs, and as needed, mission management on: (1) how best to comply with USAID’s Environmental Procedures over life of the project, including effective monitoring of partner implementation of the environmental mitigation measures required by Initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs), Climate Risk Screenings, Programmatic Environmental Assessments (PEAs) and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) and (2) how to obtain additional environmental expertise to assist in compliance with USAID’s mandatory environmental procedures when needed.
  • Ensure that A/CORs, COs and acquisition staff are applying the Environmental Compliance Language (ECL)ADS 204 Help Document to all new solicitations and awards, especially the requirements for development, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs).
  • Draft environmental documentation, or help identify technical drafting services, when needed for complex IEEs and environmental assessments. The incumbent will work closely with members of the Environmental Compliance Team as they support these functions within their teams.  In addition, s/he will maintain a log, tracking the status of environmental documentation for the Mission’s portfolio to support reporting functions, as well as the other responsibilities enumerated herein.
  • Advising project and activity design teams on how best to incorporate appropriate environmental compliance language into design documents, and working with the Office of Acquisition and Assistance to incorporate such language into award documents (contracts, cooperative agreements and grants).
  • Advising mission staff on requirements under relevant Malian environmental laws.
  • Advising implementing partners on how to ensure compliance with the environmental threshold decisions and monitoring and mitigation measures pertaining to their projects.
  • Serving as the mission point of contact with the Bureau Environmental Officers and Regional Environmental Advisors.
  • Conducting occasional training of implementing partner and mission staff on the implementation of 22 CFR 216 and environmentally sound project design and management.
  • The incumbent would not be responsible for a specific award, however Mission imaging when it buys into environmental compliance mechanisms in Washington, the MEO would serve as the Activity Manager at post.
  1. 22 CFR 216 Implementation and Environmental Compliance Monitoring (50%):

The Environmental Compliance Specialist is responsible for the following with respect to implementing 22 CFR 216 and monitoring environmental compliance at the Mission:

  • Reviewing quality and completeness of all 22 CFR 216 documents. All mission 22 CFR 216 documents must be cleared by the MEO.  These documents include Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE), Programmatic Environmental Assessments (PEAs), Climate Risk Screenings, Requests for Categorical Exclusions (RCE), Environmental Screening Form and Environmental Review and Reports (ESF/ERRs), Environmental Assessment Scoping Statements (EASS), Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plans (PERSUAP), Water Quality Assurance Plans (WQAP), IEE or EA Amendments or other documents developed in fulfillment of 22 CFR 216 requirements.
  • Serving as USAID/Mali’s principal expert on environmental compliance monitoring of all projects covering a range of technical areas including: health, infrastructure, agriculture, democracy and governance, education and other cross-cutting areas. The incumbent will work closely with AORs/CORs and their alternates, discussing any compliance issues and accompanying them on regular site visits. Site visits will be documented with a site visit report that details compliance issues, if any, and recommendations for corrective actions. Based on monitoring experience, the incumbent develops environmental monitoring checklists for different technical sectors and a tracking log for projects and activities.
  • Preparing a quarterly monitoring report that summarizes the quarter’s site visits, compliance issues and recommended corrective actions. In addition, the report documents the implementation of previous quarters’ corrective actions until resolved.
  • Ensuring that “best practices” for environmental compliance and environmentally sound project design and management are documented and shared within and outside the Mission.
  1. Program Design and Evaluation (15%):

The Environmental Compliance Specialist supports project design and evaluation by:

  • Preparing and/or reviewing studies, concept papers, USAID project/activity design documents and bilateral and multilateral agreements. He/she works with AOR/CORs on project designs and approvals, ensuring that adequate resources are planned for compliance with 22 CFR 216 over the project/activity lifespan.
  • Supporting review and analysis of GOM and other donors’ environmental compliance documents in the early stages of development to ensure that there are no environmental issues that may adversely affect planned USAID assistance and that of other donors.
  • Preparing scopes of work and managing the conduct of contractor PEAs, EASSs and ESIAs.
  1. Coordination and Liaison (5%):

The Environmental Compliance Specialist coordinates with others on environmental issues by:

  • Reviewing development programs of other multilateral and bilateral donors to identify areas for coordination and where there are possible conflicts with USAID-supported activities. The incumbent will serve as a liaison with other donors on in-country environmental compliance project planning and implementation as needed.
  • Maintaining knowledge of current technical trends, best practices, current events and key actors (from NGOs, universities, GoM and the private sector) with respect to environmental management.
  • Keeping various stakeholders informed of USAID/Mali activities, policies and interests related to environmental compliance and management.

To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications:


Applicants MUST meet the minimum qualifications below and ONLY preselected candidates will be contacted:

  1. Education (10 points): A Bachelor’s degree, from any recognized university, in environmental science, environmental management, environmental engineering or other closely related field, is required.
  2. Prior Work Experience (20 points): Five-seven years of increasingly responsible relevant work experience, three of which must be in a senior environmental monitoring and/or evaluation position. Must have a proven track record of professional involvement and achievements, particularly in Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and environmental compliance monitoring.  Demonstrated program management skills and experience managing professionals of multidisciplinary backgrounds.
  3. Language Proficiency (10 points): Level IV (fluent) oral and written English and French is required.
  4. Job Knowledge (30 points): Advanced knowledge of Malian and other development institutions working in the environment field in Mali is required. The incumbent must have a thorough knowledge of environmental problems, policies and constraints in Mali as well as the country’s strengths and priorities in environmental management.  Genuine understanding of sustainable policy and strategic options that consider socio-economic, environmental and cultural aspects is critical as is a working familiarity with current international “best practices” and Mali-appropriate models for environmental assessment, mitigation and monitoring.  Knowledge of the work of other donor agencies in Mali with respect to environmental management activities is a plus.  Incumbent must be able to write analytical reports on environmental compliance and monitoring issues.
  5. Skills and Abilities (30 points): Must have strong analytical skills. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively at all levels within the US government’s Mali Mission, as well as with national and local GOM institutions, and the private sector.  The ability to develop and maintain mid- to senior-level contacts with GOM and USG officials, the private sector and NGO representatives is required.  Must be able to clearly and diplomatically provide technical and policy guidance to project managers and contractors as and when needed.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is required. 


To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications noted above. For applicants meeting the minimum qualifications, further consideration and selection will be based on panel assessment of the selection factors listed below.

Applicants are required to address each of the selection criteria on a separate sheet describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education, and/or awards or recognition they have received relevant to each criteria described below, and any related considerations.

Management may consider the following when determining successful candidacy: nepotism, conflicts of interest, budget, and residency status.

Full Statement of duties and the qualification requirements are available on or


All cv/resume and cover letter must be in English; otherwise application package will be considered as incomplete and will be rejected.

Interested candidates for this position must submit the following required documents:

  1. A cover letter of not more than two (2) pages describing how the incumbent’s skills and experience fit the requirements of subject position.
  2. A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) relevant to the subject position.
  3. Copy of Diplômas, degrees, certificates, recommendation letters, etc.
  4. Three (3) to five (5) professional references with complete contact information including email addresses and telephone numbers. References should have knowledge of the candidate’s ability to perform the duties set forth in the application and must not be family members or relatives.
  5. Full mailing address with telephone, facsimile numbers and email address and should retain for their records copies of all enclosures that accompany their submissions. 

SUBMIT APPLICATION: Indicate the Vacancy Reference Number: 72068819R10005 in the subject line of your email. If this is not properly indicated your submission would NOT be retrieved. 

Email Human Resources Management Section: with the above reference in the subject line.

CLOSING DATE FOR THIS POSITION IS:  July 23, 2019 at 5:00pm

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  • Applications have closed
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