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Bamako USAID
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Vacant Position Advertisement: USAID/Mali Acquisition & Assistance Office: Acquisition & Assistance Specialist 

REF No.:  72068821R10002 (must be inserted in the subject line of the email)

GRADE LEVELFCFA 26,540,458 TO FCFA 41,137,714 equivalent to FSN-12. The incumbent will be compensated in accordance with the U.S. Mission Mali’s Local Compensation Plan (LCP). Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.

BASIC FUNCTION: The position is located in the Office of Acquisition and Assistance (OAA) under the general guidance of the Contracting Officer/Regional Contracting Officer (CO/RCO) and/or his/her designee. The OAA is responsible for the negotiation, execution, and administration of a portfolio of direct contracts and assistance instruments totaling over 40 million dollars annually. This office is also responsible for the formulation of Mission Policy, Procedures and Standards on USAID financed contracts and assistance instruments. This office which is responsible for providing contracting and assistance management support for direct contracting also provides advice and assistance to the USAID Mission to Bamako, Mali technical offices on Host Country instruments.

The Specialist holds a position of trust, and holds limited warrant authority, as described in Major Duties below.


The Acquisition and Assistance Specialist IFW -Incremental Funding Warrant (20%):

As a participant in the USAID Warrant Program, will serve as an Administrative Contracting and Agreement Officer (ACO/AAO) with limited warrant authority to perform: select contract administration functions listed in FAR subpart 42.302(a), executed at no additional cost; select grant/cooperative agreement administration functions listed in ADS 303.3.17, executed at no additional cost; and, exercise additional delegated authority to execute within-scope incremental funding actions at any dollar level for both Acquisition and Assistance Awards. 

In addition, this delegation includes additional responsibilities on the Specialist and on the Mission, as follows: 

  • ACS/AAS-IFW is required to complete a self-assessment of accomplishments and performance in the Warrant Program every six (6) months, which will be submitted through the Supervisory Contract/Agreement Officer to M/OAA/E;
  • the Specialist must complete 80 hours of continuing training requirements every two years (this responsibility is equally placed upon the Mission to budget for the training, and on the Specialist to apply for, make themselves available for, attend, and satisfactorily pass any tests or meet any standards required by the training);
  • the warrant requires participation in the FSN Fellowship Program, this requirement demands that the Specialist actively seek, and accept, short-term Fellowship assignments totaling from five percent (5%) to ten percent (10%) of the work year (2-5 weeks per year)), and in some cases up to 25% of the work year based on Agency needs (this responsibility is equally placed upon the Mission to make the Specialist available, and on the Specialist to complete such short-term assignments); and,
  • the Specialist, at this level and regardless of the local OAA structure, must serve as a senior member of the Mission staff, provide mentoring to new and junior A&A Specialists, and provide advisory services to journeyperson A&A Specialists and to other technical professionals within the Mission.

The self-assessment of accomplishments and performance required in “i,” above, must address all of these elements in order to maintain IFW authority, and must include an explanation for any that have not been met in the six-month period covered by the self-assessment.  NB: if warrant authority is removed for any reason, the position will revert to the original (pre-warrant) title, series, and grade, in accordance with normal FSN personnel rules and regulations.

Annual Procurement Planning – and Forecasts (10%):

Serves as Acquisition & Assistance Specialist responsible for pre-award and post-award functions involving highly specialized procurements of significant importance to the Agency. Contracts typically extend over several years and cover research, development, technical assistance, and other services.  Performs Procurement Planning. Develops procurement objectives for the program in terms of competition and price range, and constructs the contractual vehicle including use of pricing arrangements, subcontracting policy, set-aside policies and similar considerations. Prepares and maintains current acquisition plans, appropriate milestone charts, and related schedules.

Procurement Actions Formation (20%):

Develops the solicitation. Determines quantities to be procured, examines specifications to match requirements to various options available, identifies exceptions or changes needed in standard contract provisions, selects appropriate award type, coordinates socioeconomic factors with appropriate activities, and makes determinations concerning minimum or maximum order limitations, method of award. origin/destination pricing bid or preproduction samples, transportation, and delivery consideration.

Pre-Award – Post-Award – Award Administration Functions (50%):

  • Evaluates bids or offers for responsiveness to the particular solicitation and ability to perform the contract. Determines if competition is sufficient. Obtains reports and evaluates fiscal soundness, production capacity, quality control, present business commitments, previous record of performance, and other indicators of capacity to perform.
  • Coordinates with technical specialists on bid samples, qualified products, and first article acceptance. Evaluates protests and mistakes in bid, and coordinates with Small Business Administration for a certificate of competency.
  • Conducts extensive negotiations before and/or after contract award. Formulates the negotiation strategy, identifies areas subject to negotiation (e.g., price, quantity discounts, packaging, payment terms, transportation and delivery), consults with technical specialists concerning data submitted by offerors/bidders, and conduct negotiations.
  • Performs price/cost analysis. Analyzes commercial pricing practices applicable to the commodities and the latest economic developments pertaining to increased material, labor or transportation costs as reflected in the current price indices. Analyzes cost and pricing data submitted by offerors to substantiate direct and indirect costs and profit.
  • Determines reasonableness of prices or bids offered, Conducts studies of specific item costs in areas of limited competition. Analyzes marketing data and terms and conditions of previous contract.
  • Recommends award of contract. Serves as contracting representative in systematic reviews to assure that Government needs are met and validated, and that economy of supply operations is maintained or improved. Evaluations include in-depth analysis of the product, market, industry, user needs, end use application, state-of-the-art, and acquisition modes.
  • Serves as technical expert and advisor to management, customers, and contractors in assignment area relative to the market, the industry, specifications, socioeconomic concerns, and similar matters.
  • Serves as group leader over junior A&A professionals, providing technical direction and guidance on unusual problems and new assignments.
  • Coordinates contracting activities with other government agencies, requesting audit reports or pre-award surveys from the office of the Inspector General, Defense Contract Audit Agency and obtaining clearances from the Small Business Administration for requirements set aside for small-owned, minority and disadvantaged businesses.
  • Reviews completed official contract file to determine that all contractual actions are satisfied and that there are no pending administrative actions to be resolved; that all file documents are signed and that there are no litigation actions pending, and that the contract is complete in every respect and ready to be closed.
  • Negotiates assistance awards in accordance with agency regulations and procedures to non-profit organizations including private voluntary organizations, colleges and universities and other government organizations.
  • Reviews audit reports from the Office of the Inspector General and negotiates audit settlements in accordance with Agency procedures and the Contracts Disputes Act.

To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications:


Applicants MUST meet the minimum qualifications below and ONLY preselected candidates will be contacted:

  1. All interested CCN (Cooperating Country National) candidates eligible to work in Mali.
  2. Education: Possession of a Baccalaureate degree or the host-country equivalent of a four-year US college/university (equivalency accreditation if a non-US institution) degree in accounting, law, business, finance, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, and/or organization and management is required.
  3. Prior Work Experience: A minimum of seven (7) years of A&A experience in the US government is required.  This experience must have been gained in a USAID Contracting/A&A Office and include demonstration of expert proficiency with USAID A&A rules, regulations, practices, and techniques utilized in effective A&A administration. The experience must demonstrate that the Specialist can plan, coordinate, and execute business functions necessary to support large, complex procurements, including those related to resource allocation, budget, finance, claims, and terminations, and must demonstrate the applicant’s ability to prepare and execute within-scope incremental funding modifications.  In addition, the experience must demonstrate that the Specialist meets all competency requirements outlined for the FSN Warrant Program for the level of Warrant approved.
  4. Post Entry Training: The Specialist must have previously successfully completed all mandatory Federal Acquisition Certification – Contracting (FAC-C) Level I and Level II courses in accordance with a formal individual development plan (IDP) (except electives), and all Agency-specific courses. The Specialist must continue to complete a minimum of eighty (80) Continuous Learning Points for every two-year period.  In addition, the Specialist will be provided with formal or on-the-job training to keep abreast of changes in the ADS, FAR, CFR, OAA-Intranet, the AIDAR, and Mission/Office operating, and administrative procedures as outlined in the FSN Warrant Program Manual.  FAC-C Level III training and other formal training will be provided based on job relatedness, availability of course offerings, and availability of funds.
  5. Language Proficiency: Level IV (Fluent) English and French, both oral and written, is required. Language competencies may be tested.    
  6. Knowledge: Knowledge of US Federal and USAID Acquisition Regulations, and knowledge and understanding of how to execute and administer a complex acquisition portfolio, is required, particularly as it relates to acquisition through methods of negotiation, sealed bidding, small purchase procedures, and that result in standard and established contract types. A good knowledge of Regional markets pertaining to program and project requirements for services and commodities, and a good knowledge and understanding of US market and pricing methods is required.  Knowledge of business processes in public or private sectors is required.
  7. Skills and Abilities: The ability to plan and administer large acquisition activities and provide adequate acquisition assistance and support for agency programs/projects/activities in a timely manner is required. The ability to apply governing contracting regulations, procedures, and policies to individual complex acquisition and assistance programs is required.  An ability to deal effectively with high-level representatives of the US and Regional business community, and with colleagues in USAID Missions and host governments throughout the Region is required.

Good analytical, negotiating, and time management skills are required, with strong English-language proofreading skills and attention to detail is required.  The ability to work calmly, tactfully, and effectively under pressure is essential, as well as the ability to maintain strict CONFIDENTIALITY AND HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS throughout all phases of acquisition and assistance procurement actions.


To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications noted above. For applicants meeting the minimum qualifications, further consideration and selection will be based on Technical Evaluation Committee’s assessment of the selection factors listed below.

  1. Relevant Prior Work Experience : 25 points
  2. Knowledge : 35 points
  3. Skills and Abilities: 40 points

Applicants are required to address each of the selection criteria on a separate sheet describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education, and/or awards or recognition they have received relevant to each criterion described above, and any related considerations.

Management may consider the following when determining successful candidacy: nepotism, conflicts of interest, budget, and residency status.

For detailed minimum requirements, applicants must refer to the Full Statement of duties and the qualification requirements available on https://www.usaid.gov/mali/work-with-us/careers   or https://ml.usembassy.gov/embassy/jobs/


All cv/resume and cover letter must be in English; otherwise, application package will be considered incomplete and will be rejected. All the hiring process will be conducted in English, including interviews and any eventual proficiency written test.

Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted.

Interested candidates for this position must submit the following required documents:

  1. A Cover Letter of no more than three (3) pages describing how the incumbent’s skills and experience fit the requirements of the subject position and minimum qualification requirements.
  2. A Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) relevant to the position for which the applicant is applying.
  3. Applicants must submit a Supplemental Document within three (3) pages outlining how they meet each selection requirement (Relevant Work Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities). The document should describe what experience, training, knowledge and/or awards or recognition they have received relevant to each criterion, and any related considerations.
  4. Applicants are required to provide five (5) Professional References with complete contact information including email address and telephone number(s). References should have knowledge of the candidate’s ability to perform the duties set forth in the application and must not be family members or relatives.
  5. Copies of Degrees/Diplomas, Work Certificates, Recommendation Letters, or any relevant Academic Transcripts.
  6. Applicants must provide their full Address with Telephone, Email Address.
  7. Applicants should retain, for their records, copies of all enclosures that accompany their submissions.
  8. Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified and submitted to the Point of Contact – Human Resources Management Section: bamakohrmvacancies@usaid.gov.

SUBMIT APPLICATION: Indicate the Vacancy Reference Number: 72068821R10002 in the subject line of your email. If this is not properly indicated your submission would NOT be retrieved. 

Email Human Resources Management Section: bamakohrmvacancies@usaid.gov with the above reference in the subject line.


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