Acquisition and Assistance Assistant

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L'offre a expiré.

REF No.:  HR-AAO-001-2019-AAA (must inserted in the subject line of emails)

GRADE LEVELFSN PSC-8 (If an applicant does not meet all required qualifications for the position and is selected for the position).


This position is located in the Acquisition and Assistance Office, USAID/MALI in Bamako. The incumbent performs a variety of Procurement and A&A Administrative support functions to support Contracting/Agreement Officers and A&A Specialists. The incumbent will be responsible for soliciting, negotiating and preparing for award, actions below the simplified acquisition threshold as well as other procurement related duties such as preparing closeouts, including transfer of property, equipment and vehicles. In addition, this position will assist the Acquisition and Assistance Office (AAO) with a variety of administrative and clerical duties such as filing, logistic support and updating procurement plans and activity lists. 


Procurement (60%):

The A&A Assistant supports the CO/AO and A&A Specialists in the performance of complex, specialized A&A functions involving the solicitation, negotiation, award, administration and modification of A&A instruments.  Award types include but are not limited to, purchase orders, fixed amount awards, competitively negotiated contracts, cooperative agreements, grants, and sole source contracts, among others.  The A&A Assistant will be directly responsible for the award of actions at or below the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Upon achieving full performance level, the incumbent is fully knowledgeable of policies and pertinent legislation, and of how these apply to USAID’s A&A mechanisms. In addition, s/he will be expected to serve as a resource for other Mission personnel. 


The A&A Assistant will provide A&A support to Contracting and Agreement Officers and to multiple Acquisition and Assistance Specialists and the A&A Procurement Agent, and will independently manage his/her assigned portfolio.  As such, the A&A Assistant provides guidance to clients on the applicable A&A procedures for awards at or below the Simplified Acquisition Threshold.  The A&A Assistant liaises directly with USAID CO/AOs, A&A Specialists, client offices, and implementing partners to accomplish his/her tasks.  In addition to providing pre-award and post-award support, the A&A Assistant assists in collecting data in response to inquiries from stakeholders, coordinates responses to requests for information, and performs other duties as assigned.

Pre-Award/Award Duties and Responsibilities:

The incumbent coordinates with the CO/AO or A&A Specialists to provide guidance to Activity Managers, Contractor Officer’s Representatives (CORs) and Agreement Officer’s Representatives (AOR) in the preparation of planning documents for proposed A&A actions.  S/he participates in procurement planning and Works with Technical offices in conjunction with the A&A Specialists to update, track, and ensure compliance with agreed to procurement plans.  The incumbent in conjunction with the A&A Specialists, maintains a master tracking system on AAO procurement actions for Technical Offices. Keeps abreast of various AAO, administrative and management related procedural and regulatory requirements, updates the Agency business forecast, and ensures that partners’ COR/AOR contact information for every award is up-to-date at all times.  S/he is also responsible for printing and photocopying application/proposal and other documents as needed.

S/he also assists the A&A Specialist and CO/AO in the preparation of required pre-solicitation documents, including determinations and findings, synopses, justifications, invitation for bids, while ensuring compliance with USAID regulations as contained in AIDAR, ADS, and AAPDs, and in the Federal Regulations under FAR, CFR, OMB circulars, Executive Directives, and the statutes. Such documents must adequately reflect and protect USG interests in the accomplishment of the programmatic objectives and comply with pertinent statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements.

The incumbent provides accurate advice which reflects the steps required by regulation or policy in the selected mechanism’s process, realistic estimates of the time required to accomplish each step, and a commitment to maintain the agreed-upon schedule.  S/he keeps the CO/AO informed of anticipated workload demands and changes that may affect the agreed upon schedule.

S/he works with requestors to ensure proper submission of requisitions in the USAID acquisition and assistance management information systems (GLAAS), as well as maintains internal tracking systems.  S/he performs assigned duties in GLAAS for requisitions, and processes awards and modifications thereof for simplified acquisition, incremental funding, and other non-complex actions. The A&A Assistant is directly responsible for preparing simplified acquisition documents (up to $150,000 in value) from the solicitation stage to the final award including the preparation in GLAAS under Buyer role.

S/he supports A&A Specialists in the performance of Cost Analyses of bids; obtains pricing assistance as necessary and available, performs cost or price analysis, as appropriate, and documents findings in a form of memoranda of negotiations.  S/he participates in pre-award, financial and program management reviews to assist A&A Specialists in support of the CO/AO’s determination of responsibility. S/he distributes the final award document, ensures proper recording of the obligation by Financial Management Office, and provides required notifications to unsuccessful bidders.  The incumbent plans and coordinates logistics for in-person or remote debriefings and other meetings with clients, stakeholders, and OAA staff.

The incumbent reviews and clears Customs and VAT exemptions requests initiated by Mission Implementing Partners and Contracting Agencies before they are submitted to the Executive Officer or his/her Deputy’s signature. The incumbent also provides clear guidance and/or recommendations to USAID Technical Offices and Contracting Agencies regarding title transfer procedures of vehicles from a specific project/individual to another one or from a US/TCN PSC to another individual holding same exemption privileges. The incumbent directs disposal of AID-Financed vehicles/goods to the GOM (Government of Mali) following a Program Activity Completion Date (PACD).

Post-Award Duties and Responsibilities

The incumbent performs award administration tasks such as arranging meetings with the implementing partner, drafting correspondence. S/he monitors the procurement process in order to allow for complete and accurate viewing of the flow of procurement information from the acquisition stage to close-out. This includes resolutions of outstanding issues noted in the acquisition and closeout processes.  The incumbent is responsible for organizing, maintaining and updating AAO closeout actions, ensuring that closeout logs and cabinets are well maintained. S/he works with A&A Specialists and Financial Management Office to ensure that necessary documents are prepared to resolve close out issues and presents the documentation to the Contracting/Agreement Officer for signature.  The incumbent reviews completed official contract/grant files to determine that all contractual actions are satisfied, and that there are no pending administrative actions to be resolved.  S/he performs close-out functions and recommends specific action; i.e., deobligation of funds, quick closeout method, etc.

Office Management (40%):

Office management covers a variety of administrative, secretarial, and clerical support duties including:

S/he is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a tracking, filing and information retrieval system for the office and maintenance of an up-to-date filing system.  S/he will set up files and ensure all documents are properly filed in the Agency Secure Image and Storage and Tracking System (ASIST), the AAO public drive, and in the hard copy files.  Performs the full range of filing duties for administrative/program related documentation, including maintaining the office filing system and the purging / shredding of file materials for Team members as requested, receiving and sorting incoming material to be filed and reading the contents sufficiently to determine proper file classification; responsible for inventorying all file cabinets.  S/he will work with the A&A Specialists and Communications and Records (C&R) on disposition of files and records to storage on a periodic basis as prescribed by the ADS.  Responsible for maintaining and filing a hard and soft copy file of all Mission issued notices and ensures that these are posted on the Mali web site in a timely fashion.

Requests for Services, Logistics. Travel Support:  In coordination with the Procurement Agent, organizes and ensures that travel by AAO staff members follow official USAID procedures. Makes travel, hotel and motor pool arrangements. Ensures that required travel documents, such as visas, are prepared.  Ensure that all clearances are obtained before travel starts for staff. Prepares travel requests and vouchers and country clearances with the Executive Office (EXO) and according to official policies.  Provide logistical support for staff members. Arranges visitor processing and support, and coordinates visitor arrangements and schedules. Prepares travel requests, travel vouchers, and other requests for services (supplies, equipment, repairs, building access, computer and printer repair, landline and cell phone repair from Facilities Maintenance (FM), General Services Organization (GSO), Regional Security Office (RSO), Information Technology (IT) and others for AAO, Team Members, and CO’s on appropriate forms and in E2, eServices, and any other software systems being used for requests.  Logistic services include escorting visitors for AAO meetings in and out of Embassy compound.  Arranges local and in-country travel for U.S. Direct Hire (USDH) and other staff members with (EXO) and Motorpool.  Arranges expediter and vehicle requests for staff and TDY arrivals and departures.  Obtains briefing books for TDY visitors for whom AAO is the control office.  Also provides long term TDYers a welcome packet.  Submits work orders as well as vehicle requests for the entire staff.

Appointments and Meetings. S/he schedules appointments upon requests from staff members in accordance with their schedules, confirming and/or rescheduling the appointment(s) as necessary.  The Incumbent ensures that staff is aware of the date/times of scheduled appointments and routinely utilizes Google Calendar to maintain appointments on a continuing basis.  Prepares access request through e-services for AAO Visitors and escort them to meeting room or office.  Sets up meetings and makes complete arrangements for AAO initiated conferences and partners meetings, in coordination with the Technical Teams.   Arranges with the Director’s Secretary for use of the conference rooms.  Types agendas, notifies participants, follows-up to confirm attendance.  Attends weekly AAO staff meetings and other meetings as may be requested by the supervisor, takes notes and prepares summaries of who attended, topics discussed, agreements reached, issues identified and any tasking made.    S/he ensures that all incoming and outgoing correspondences are appropriately logged in electronically, distributed and/or filed accordingly.  As directed or in response to incoming requests, arranges appointments and conferences with Mission and Malian officials, Embassy and other U.S. Government officials, partners and others.

Communications and Correspondence. The Acquisition and Assistance Assistant serves as the Office Manager for AAO and provides administrative services to A&A staff members. S/he receives visitors with courtesy, patience, tact and diplomacy.  Personally provides technical information to inquirers within scope of knowledge and authority or refers them to other staff as appropriate.  S/he drafts, edits and reviews correspondences prepared by staff for the Contracting Officers clearances or signatures.   Obtains clearances on documents from other offices when needed.  Informs supervisor and other staff regularly as to status and informs A&A Specialist when items are becoming past due.  Ensures that solicitations, awards, modifications and other required documents are properly filed in hard and soft copies on the AAO public drive and in ASIST.  Prepares taskers/requests from Washington and AAO-related correspondence and communications and maintains an action log on the status of requests.

S/he maintains the Leave Schedule in Google Docs; prepares bi-weekly Time and Attendance (T&A) Report for FSN staff members assigned to AAO for Supervisor’s approval.  S/he keeps track of AAO travel, training and leave plans on the spreadsheet in Google docs.  

Office Supplies and Equipment. S/he manages the requisition of office supplies and equipment as well as request of routine maintenance of office equipment if necessary.  Maintains an adequate stock of expendable supplies.  Notifies IT when computer equipment, printers, landlines and cell phones need to be repaired.    

Translation. Performs routine translation duties in connection with day-to-day office activities.

To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications:


Applicants MUST meet the minimum qualifications below and ONLY preselected candidates will be contacted:

  1. Malian citizens or local residents at the time of application;
  2. Education (10 points): Completion of college/university studies is required; courses in procurement and related subjects desirable.
  3. Prior Work Experience (10 points): Three years of progressively responsible experience is required in procurement, secretarial, clerical or administrative work including experience in filing systems. At least one year of this experience with a US Government or a similar international development organization is desirable.
  4. Language Proficiency (10 points): Level IV English and French proficiency are required (good working knowledge). Proficiency in a Malian local Language is required.
  5. Knowledge (30 points): A general understanding of procurement methods and procedures and office management is required. Must have the ability to file documents electronically in the AAO public drive. S/he must have the ability to maintain electronic and hardcopy files. Practical Knowledge of standard word processing software.
  6. Skills and Abilities (40 points): Must have experience in contract and/or grant administration, negotiation and/or office management. Must have knowledge of soliciting, negotiating, and preparing purchase orders as well as their termination and closeout. Ability to work with technical teams and organize, maintain and update award files. Ensure closeout logs and office files are well maintained.  Must be able to format and prepare final documents, track the clearance process, monitor and follow through on actions, and interact with the acquisition and assistance office and other USAID/Mali Teams to clarify issues and resolve problems.  Must have knowledge in the use of key computer software programs including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and be able to employ them.  S/he must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. S/he is expected to prepare correspondence documents in English and/or French. The incumbent must have professional self-confidence to work under minimal supervision and maturity to make down-to-earth judgments. S/he must have good office organizational skills. Ability to travel for site visits.

Maximum Evaluation Score: 100 points 


To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications noted above. For applicants meeting the minimum qualifications, further consideration and selection will be based on panel assessment of the selection factors listed below.

Applicants are required to address each of the selection criteria on a separate sheet describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education, and/or awards or recognition they have received relevant to each criteria described below, and any related considerations.

Management may consider the following when determining successful candidacy: nepotism, conflicts of interest, budget, and residency status.

Full Statement of duties and the qualification requirements are available on


All cv/resume and cover letter must be in English; otherwise application package will be considered as incomplete and will be rejected.

Interested candidates for this position must submit the following required documents:

  1. A cover letter of not more than two (2) pages describing how the incumbent’s skills and experience fit the requirements of subject position.
  2. A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) relevant to the subject position.
  3. Copy of Diplômas, degrees, certificates, recommendation letters, etc.
  4. Three (3) to five (5) professional references with complete contact information including email addresses and telephone numbers. References should have knowledge of the candidate’s ability to perform the duties set forth in the application and must not be family members or relatives.
  5. Full mailing address with telephone, facsimile numbers and email address and should retain for their records copies of all enclosures that accompany their submissions. 


Indicate the Vacancy Reference Number: HR-AAO-001-2019-AAA in the subject line of your email. If this is not properly indicated your submission would NOT be retrieved. 

Email Human Resources Management Office: with the above reference in the subject line, or

Local Address for Application Submission: Supervisory Executive Officer, US Agency for International Development – BP 34, Bamako-Mali

CLOSING DATE FOR THIS POSITION IS:  February 28, 2019 at 5:00pm

  • Postulez avant le 28/02/2019
  • Applications have closed
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