Géologue Senior de Mines

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L’offre a expiré.

La SAER-EMPLOI: Cabinet spécialisé dans le recrutement et conseil en ressources humaines, recrute pour le compte de la société des Mines de Komana (SMK-S.A): Géologue Senior de Mines 

Position: Senior Mine Geologist
Reports to: Chief Geologist
Department: Mining
Job Grade: 
Location: Yanfolila, Mali


Principal Job Objectives: This position is responsible for the direct input of geological data into all areas of mining activities including pit and production work, data recording and interpretation using mine maps and plans.
Duties & Responsibilities:


Operational Responsibilities

  •   Direct supervision of all aspects of the mining process according to plans and schedules
  •   Direct supervision of Geology Supervisors, Ore Spotters, and drill subcontractors
  •   Plan Drilling / trenching / sampling campaigns
  •   Update plans as drilling are completed. Ensure communication of this to other relevant mining departments.
  •   Liaise with drilling contractor to ensure appropriate safety, drill and sampling procedures are followed.
  •   Rompad management of stockpiles and material coming to the ROM
  •   Liaising with processing and mine planning to decide on blend strategies.
  •   Liaising with mining to ensure equipment is available for geological needs.

Geological Modelling and Data Collection Responsibilities

  •   Validate drill holes and other data retrieved from the DataShed database.
  •   Create Geological and mineralization interpretations in 2D and 3D models using Leapfrog and Datamine
  •   Update regolith surface based on logging for correct density assignment.
  •   Validate all wireframes created for Estimation.
  •   Ensure density and moisture sampling is collected when/where required.

Estimation and Reconciliation Responsibilities

  • Grade estimation and evaluation in Datamine
  • Generation of ore dig plans and strings and ensure that they are of the highest precision and makes use of all available data.
  • Reconciliation tasks include:
  • Between the various models
  • EOM reporting of Mined Tonnes and Stockpile balancing

Reporting Responsibilities

  •   Daily planning updates
  •   Liaison with mine planning to understand weekly targets and plan accordingly.
  •   Dispatch team and geology technicians have the updated dig plans before mining commences.
  •   Reconciliation report for GC, Resource and Mining models on all updated flitches
  •   Assist with quarterly presentations and data reviews.
  •   Maintenance of filing system for grade control RC drill sections and plans, ore dig plans and any other plans for future references.

Blast Movement Responsibilities

  •   Planning of BMMs with drill and blast
  •   Signing off of blast patterns and blast designs to ensure they minimize dilution.
  •   Monitor the effect of blast movement on mining blocks using BMT.
  •   Post monitoring updates to strings. Plans showing initial outlines and outlines after blasting should be plotted for any necessary reviews.
Knowledge / Skills
& Competencies:
  •   Familiar with MS Office Suite – Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
  •   Familiar with database software – Datamine, Surpac and Leapfrog experience preferred.
  •   Excellent organizational, presentation and communications skills.
  •   Ability to work in multiple-task environment and properly assign priorities.
  •   Ability to establish credibility and be decisive, but able to recognize and support    organization’s priorities and preferences.
Training / Education requirements:
  •   Bachelor of Science in geology or equivalent earth sciences degree.
Experience required:
  •   Minimum of  4 to 7 years of mining industry experience.
  •   Experience in a similar role in open pit.
  •   Previous experience as a geologist within gold mining is desirable.
Language requirement: French and English (will be an advantage)


  • Une demande pour l’emploi adressée au Surintendant des Ressources Humaines SMK
  • Un CV détaillé,
  • Une lettre de motivation,
  • Les copies certifiées des diplômes, attestations et/ou certificats de travail,
  • Une pièce d’identité en cours de validité.

À la porte d’entrée de la Société des Mines de Komana – SMK S.A, ou à l’adresse e-mail suivante : recruitment@hummingbirdresources.ml au plus tard, le 17 Mars 2021 à 16 h 00.

NB: Seuls les candidats présélectionnés seront contactés pour des tests et interviews.

  • Postulez avant le 17/03/2021
  • Applications have closed
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