GIS/Remote sensing and Data management consultant

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GIS/Remote sensing and Data management consultant (STC) 


Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) impact the lives of over a quarter of the world’s population and do not only lead to destruction, displacement, and deprivation, but also often result in access constraints on the ground, for security-related and logistical reasons. Such limited operational access in FCV contexts inhibits the World Bank from serving some of the people most in need.

To support reaching the most vulnerable populations, the Geo-Enabling method for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) has been developed, with the aim to provide project teams, client agencies, and partner organizations with timely access to invaluable field information from areas that cannot be regularly visited. In this regard, the GEMS team is supporting the World Bank’s Mali Country Management Unit (CMU) in the use of spatial analytics to provide real-time field insights, and conduct remote diagnostics with the aim to establish baselines and monitor operational interventions over time..

The GEMS initiative is looking for a qualified candidate to join the team as a GIS and database management consultant (local short-term consultant). This role requires a person with a combination of skills in geography, GIS, Remote Sensing, and spatial thinking/analysis anchored in a strong understanding of the local context, data sources, and development operations.

Objectives and scope of work: leveraging geodata to enhance planification, coordination and decision-making

  • The team implementing the Geo-Enabling initiative for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) is looking to hire a local short-term consultant (STC) to join the Mali Country Team. The consultant will be based in Bamako, Mali and fully embedded in the GEMS team, within the World Bank’s FCV Group. The consultant will work under the guidance of the GEMS TTL and in close coordination with the corresponding Country Office.
  • The focus of the consultancy will be to support the team in enhancing the use of geospatial data to meet the needs of analysis, planning, coordination and decision-making in the context operational implementation.
  • A complementary focus will be on reinforcing client capacities and supporting project teams in the use of geospatial data, in terms of conceptualizing geodata analysis needs, support of appropriation by the users and support of implementation. In this regard, the consultant will inter alia develop protocols and technical training guidelines.


The selected STC will be responsible for the following main deliverables:

  • Collecting/centralizing, structuring and managing geographic data.
  • Performing geospatial analyses and creating static and dynamic maps, based on the specific needs of the Mali CMU and various project teams and clients, as needed.
  • Providing ongoing support to various territorial assessment and geospatial mapping tasks.
  • Providing analytical satellite image processing support on demand.
  • Customizing results from the above tools for delivery to partners and clients.
  • Providing follow-up support to CMU colleagues, project teams, client Project Implementation Units, in terms of conceptualizing geodata analysis needs and managing of their Geographical Information Systems.
  • Supporting capacity-building for World Bank staff and clients in the use of mobile applications for collecting spatial data, such as as KoboToolbox and OSMand as well as GIS software, such as Google Earth, QGIS.
  • Communicating the details of their work to other expert and non-expert users.

Selection criteria 

The ideal candidate will have a primary expertise in GIS, remote sensing and data management as well as an in-depth understanding of World Bank operations, policies and procedures. S/he will be familiar with ways in which geodata can be used to support operational development projects and will meet the following selection criteria:

  • Master’s degree in Geography, computer sciences or a related field.
  • Strong educational and/or professional background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geospatial vector and raster data analysis.
  • Proven experience in designing GIS projects and cartography, including quality data control, creation of both static maps and interactive mapping.
  • Demonstrated experience in satellite imagery processing and remote sensing.
  • Experience in digital model processing is an asset.
  • Proficiency in ArcGIS or QGIS software, and remote sensing software as well as in MS Office applications
  • Skills in applied database management and statistical analyses are an asset.
  • Ability to apply technologies to solve challenges of development/humanitarian interventions.
  • Working knowledge of open data sources, such as OpenStreetMap
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to adapt to an audience that is operational, but not necessarily knowledgeable of geodata issues.
  • Highly organized, with a proven ability to multitask and perform under time-sensitive deadlines.
  • Demonstrated curiosity, self-directed learning, teamwork spirit and persistence in problem-solving
  • Excellent workflow management skills and a proactive attitude.
  • Knowledge of the geospatial community in Mali is appreciated
  • Full professional fluency in French is essential, a good working knowledge of English is a plus.

Administrative Arrangements

The GIS data management assistant will be offered a local Short-Term Consultancy and work closely with a Task Team Leader based in Bamako. This consultancy is expected to begin as soon as possible and involve 80 work days with a possibility of extension, depending on needs and performance, subject to compliance with World Bank STC term regulations.

The contract will comprise the Fiscal Year 2021 (until June 30, 2021), with the option of extensionDue to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, the consultant will be based wherever she/he resides and expected to work remotely. No travel is expected during FY21.

To apply, please send your CV and a 1-page letter of motivation to: gems-team@worldbank.org 

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