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L'offre a expiré.

RMO MALI recruit a Nurse 


  • To provide care for students to ensure that they can be as psychological and physical healthy as possible to maximize their experience at school.
  • To promote environments where students can gain fundamental health knowledge & skills and establish healthy behaviors.
  • To update health related guidelines, policies and recommendations based on most recent evidence-based knowledge.


School health services for students :

  • Develops policies and procedures for the school health program.
  • Coordinates with the school registrar to obtain initial student health information. Monitors student’s compliance with health requirements, including school entry, periodic medical assessment and immunizations.
  • Identifie student’s health and safety concerns, i.e. allergies and asthma. Communicates with parents to obtain physician prescribed, written treatment plans (both routine and emergency). Collaborates with students support team members as indicated regarding individual student health needs and plans.
  • Notifie teachers and staff of student health and safety concerns as needed to protect the health of the student, and implement treatment plans ;
  • Monitors administration of all medications to or by students at school.
  • Maintains the Nurse’s Office as a reasonably stocked, welcoming place that is safe and clean.
  • Provides and documents primary health care and emergency care to sick and injured students. Communicates with parents, teachers and relevant principal regarding illnesses and injuries requiring early dismissal and/or physician referral. Submits incident report to director and principal documenting serious injury or illness.
  • Provides first aid and emergency care for sports injuries. Coordinates physician referral as needed.

Emergency preparedness and response :

  • Maintains current emergency response plans with the Emergency Preparedness Committee.
  • Oversees maintenance of the inventory of all emergency supplies and equipment. Consults annually with the Director to be sure supplies meet school’s needs.
  • Monitors functioning of Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED) and maintains supply of adrenalin/epinephrine for treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions (adrenaline with syringes and ready-to-use epinephrine pens).
  • Oversees maintenance of first aid kits for use at school, on school vehicles and during off-campus activities, i.e. athletics events and field trips. Provides relevant training to members of the first aid committee, including medical response to a mass casualty event, CPR/AED, and standard first aid.

Health education:

  • Participates in health education programs and curriculum development.
  • Provides individual, small group, and classroom health counseling and education, i.e. sexual health, puberty, alcohol & drugs, hygiene, nutrition.
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle, particularly nutrition and physical activity.

Healthy school environment :

  • Supports infection prevention and control practices :
  • Works with the Facilities Manager to ensure that the school facilities are sanitary and wastes are handled safely.
  • Works with the Facilities Manager to ensure the drinking water is potable.
  • Maintains strict infection prevention practices in the Nurse’s Office.
  • Assists in the development of and compliance with policy to prevent spread of infectious diseases at school.
  • Educates students, families and staff about prevention and control of infectious diseases in the school setting.
  • Promotes a tobacco and drug free school environment.
  • Collaborates with Works with the Facilities and Operations Manager to monitor report and correct safety hazards.
  • Take care of children who come into the office with injuries, illnesses, etc,
    • Sometimes it is about concussions, asthma attacks, administration of medicine, etc.

School health services for staff :

  • Monitors staff compliance with health requirements, including pre-employment and periodic medical assessment and immunizations.
  • Coordinates immunization services for staff on campus as need.
  • Identifie staff health and safety concerns, i.e. allergies, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, as requested. Supports medical management of health concerns and provides relevant health education.
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle, particularly nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, and moderate alcohol consumption.
  • Maintains the security and confidentiality of staff health records, electronic and paper.
  • Provides and documents primary health care and emergency care to sick and injured staff. Submits incident report to Director and principal documenting serious injury or illness.

Family and Community involvement:

  • Liaises with medical and nursing staff at the US Embassy Health Unit and local health facilities.
  • Liaises with professional staff at local clinics and hospitals to identify and maintain referral list of available specialist and emergency medical services.
  • Collaborate with Principals to periodically assess and strengthen School Health Program policies and evaluates clinical practices of the School Nurse.
  • Create and maintain contacts and relations outside of the school with doctors, clinics, hospitals, psychologist, etc. Do visits and meetings.
  • Teach students, parents and teachers about health related topics. Have meetings with parents if necessary.
  • Create and reassess health related guidelines, protocols and manuals.


Formation :

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing from an accredited college or university and has an active license as a Registered Nurse; or a professional nurse with comparable international educational qualifications and licensing credentials.

Expériences :

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in school health (preferred), public health, community health or pediatric nursing.

Required quality

  • Exercises professional judgment in making decisions.
  • Communicates appropriately and effectively in English.
  • Considerable knowledge of medical disorders and treatments, including emergencies, medical problems and first aid (CPR or BLS certified).
  • Basic computer skills.

To apply, visit our website by submitting your CV no later than November 20, 2020.

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