Junior Metallurgist

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L'offre a expiré.

La SAER-EMPLOI : Cabinet spécialisé dans le recrutement et conseil en ressources humaines, recrute pour le compte de la société des Mines de Komana (SMK-S.A): Junior Metallurgist

Position: Junior Metallurgist
Reports to: Senior Metallurgist
Department: Processing Plant
Job Grade: 
Location: Yanfolila, Mali


Principal Job Objectives: The purpose of this position is to ensure that the plant can achieve its objectives of metallurgical parameters such as: quantity of ounces produced, recovery, rate of return, consumption of major reagents and consumables efficiently and profitable at any time.
Duties & Responsibilities:



·        The holder of this position will be responsible for the daily, weekly and monthly recording of gold production, recovery and operational performance data.

·        The holder of this position will be responsible for the daily, weekly and monthly recording of gold production, recovery and operational performance data.

·        He will assist in the development and implementation of procedures at the metallurgical laboratory.


·        Adhere and support all the company’s policies and procedures.

·        Optimize gold recovery through processing.

·        Participate in metallurgical test programs.

·        Ensure that quality standards are constantly monitored through a sample collection process, including regular maintenance of sampling equipment.

·        Responsible for updating the metallurgical database.

·        Participate in the process of accurate reconciliation during gold and reagent inventories with the help of procurement personnel (e.g., weekly control inventory).

·        Maintain daily contact with operator and maintenance teams to ensure that responsible practices are always followed with less metal loss at the end of the process.

·        Ensure that the work is done in accordance with safe and environmental standards and practices.

·        Prepare concise and clear reports and other documents according to the periodicities and time frames required.

·        Help with mill shutdown activities (inspections of plant equipment and coating measurements, etc.).

·        Help/technical support to Plant supervisors if needed.

·        Train and supervise metallurgical technicians and operators where appropriate.

·        Maintain a constructive and effective work environment with the company’s employees, subcontractors and consultants.

·        Do all other tasks as needed to help achieve the company’s goals.

Knowledge / Skills
& Competencies:
Have at least three (03) years of experience in an industrial company, ideally at the same similar level in the gold processing plant.
Training / Education requirements: Have a degree (at least BAC-3) in metallurgy, chemistry or equivalent.
Experience required: ·        Have previous experience in the use of metallurgical accounting procedures and reconciliation methodologies.

·        Have previous experience with metallurgical processes and procedures of working testing Laboratory

Language requirement: French and English

Pièces à fournir

  • Une demande pour l’emploi adressée au Surintendant des Ressources Humaines SMK
  • Un CV détaillé,
  • Une lettre de motivation,
  • Les copies certifiées des diplômes, attestations et/ou certificats de travail,
  • Une pièce d’identité en cours de validité.

À la porte d’entrée de la Société des Mines de Komana – SMK S.A, ou à l’adresse e-mail suivante : recruitment@hummingbirdresources.ml au plus tard, le 17 Mars 2020 à 16 h 00.

NB: Seuls les candidats présélectionnés seront contactés pour des tests et interviews.

  • Postulez avant le 17/03/2020
  • Applications have closed
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