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L'offre a expiré.

La SAER-Emploi, Société Africaine d’Études et de Réalisations, spécialisée dans le recrutement et conseil en ressources humaines, recrute pour la Société des Mines de Komana (SMK-S.A): Trois(3) Mécaniciens d’usine

Position: Maintenance Fitter
Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor
Department: Processing Maintenance
Job Grade: 
Location: Yanfolila, Mali


Principal Job Objectives:
To ensure that cost efficient plant maintenance is achieved in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner with the available resources including personnel, workshop, equipment and external providers that will assist in maximising gold production.

Undertake role of Maintenance Fitter

Ensure high availability of crushing, milling, gravity, leaching, gold room, CN detox treatment plant, camp infrastructure, potable water supply system, tailings storage facilities and associated water recovery systems.

Ensure that all mechanical installations and housekeeping is maintained to a very high standard and the appropriate paper work has been completed and returned to your Supervisor.

Assist in development and continuous improvement of maintenance planning and preventative maintenance programs.

Ensure all standard jobs are up to date and have all the necessary parts and labour identified to perform the task. If changes are to be made notify your Supervisor.

Carry out duties as required, instructed by the Mechanical Supervisors during your attendance on site;

Perform the servicing, repair and maintenance of equipment in accordance with SMK servicing, lubrication and maintenance work instructions

Clearly record all required mechanical details, and completion times for tasks being assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor on your work orders;

Ensure that all your duties are carried out in a safe, efficient and, timely manner;

Attend structured training/evaluation systems to ensure that maintenance employees and contractors are suitably skilled to undertake the work required.

Be responsible for workshop tooling used and advise the Supervisor of any workshop tooling that is unsafe. Return all workshop tooling to the storage area on completion of use.

Implement other tasks given by Line manager, within own competence, at any location on the project site.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1)      Ensure all safe work systems, procedures and standards are adhered to through frequent inspections of the workplace

i)        Conduct routine area inspections, on the job inspections and post job completion inspection to ensure standards are met.

ii)      Review JSA’s on a regular basis to ensure all hazards are identified and controls are in place

iii)   Develop work procedures for high risk or routine maintenance tasks

2)      Communication and consultation of safety related matters to the work teams

i)        Attend safety meetings

ii)      Ensure maintenance team members are informed and updated with safety related topics or issues

iii)   Attend and participate in  toolbox meeting

3)      Manage day to day maintenance planned and unplanned

i)        Ensure planned work is executed on a daily basis in safe, efficient and effective manner

ii)      Ensure maintenance PM’s are completed to site standards and requirements

iii)   Raise work requests for unplanned work and priorities accordingly

4)      Shutdown maintenance planned and unplanned

i)         Ensure that all planned shutdown work that is scheduled has a clear defined scope, resources and time frame to repair is adequate

ii)      Work groups are engage with clear expectations on all the deliverables

iii)   Ensure emergency work is reviewed on a priority basis

iv)    Ensure work orders, scope of work, work methods and resources are available prior to commencement of work

5)      Assist the maintenance planner in carrying out weekly review meetings of work order backlogs with production employees to establish current status and develop work program for the following week.

i)        Ensure all work orders are completed and signed prior to going back to the Supervisor.

ii)      Ensure all subsequent work identified and added on the work orders

iii)   Review backlog work lists to ensure it is kept to a minimum

6)      Ensure site and statutory requirements are not compromised

i)        Ensure all statutory inspections are conducted when scheduled.

ii)      Ensure issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

7)      Utilise and maintain maintenance systems of work in accordance with the Asset Management System.

i)        Ensure the work management system is followed and adhered too

8)      Ensure work teams have clear direction and work expectations.

i)        All work orders will have a clear define work scope

ii)      All verbal instructions will be clear and direct, covering of the following; context, purpose, quality, quantity, results and timing.

9)      Supervise contractors within area of control

i)        Ensure all contractors working for processing maintenance are trained for the task.

ii)      Ensure that all contractors are inducted and up to date with site standards and procedures to execute the work safely and effectively.

10) Promote continuous improvement by constantly looking for opportunities to improve work practices and procedures

i)        Ensure breakdowns are investigated and actions to stop reoccurrence are dealt with in a timely manner.

ii)      Ensure work methods, procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

11) Promote cost saving initiatives

i)        Ensure that any potential costs saving initiatives are raised.

ii)      Promote and encourage cost saving initiatives within the maintenance work group

Knowledge / Skills & Competencies:
Previous experience in large maintenance workshop, manufacturing or mining environment

A good working knowledge of gold process plant, in particular the CIL process.

A good working knowledge of maintenance planning systems and Asset Management Systems.

Training / Education requirements:
Mechanical trade certificates

Technical School’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Experience required:
Minimum 5 years maintenance experience on Fixed or Mobile plant.

Minimum 3 years maintenance experience in Gold Process Plant

Language requirement:
Good French and Basic English speaking and writing

Les candidats intéressés par la présente offre d’emploi sont priés de déposer leur dossier comprenant leur CV et une lettre de Motivation à la porte d’entrée de la Société des Mines de Komana-SMK S.A, ou à l’adresse e-mail suivante : recruitment@hummingbirdresources.ml au plus tard, le 02 Septembre 2019 à 16 h 00.

NB: Seuls les candidats dont les dossiers ont été sélectionnés seront convoqués pour les entretiens.

  • This position has been filled
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