Agricultural Economist

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Job title: Agricultural Economist
Closing date: march 31, 2006 appointment type: Term 3 years, subject to National Recruitment
Sector: ESSD-Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development
Language References: French and English Essential
Benin is one of the African Countries where poverty remains widespread, despite the relatively robust growth throughout the 1990s. The agricultural sector contributes to over one third of GDP and provides empoyment to two thirds of the population; with a large part of this coming from the cotton sector. Despite the considerable growth in the cotton sector and the decent growth in agriculture over the last two decades, the majority of poor people still live in rural areas. To address rural poverty, the Government of Benin wants to deepen reforms in the cotton sector and also seek to diversify the rural economy with a focus on smallholder-led food crops expansion.
Benin’s development strategy has been broadly successful over the past decade, but nonetheless it faces significant challenges in reducing poverty. Following the economic and social crisis experienced in the late 80s, Benin has embarked on sectoral and struxtural reforms during the 90s and early 2000s. However a number of these of these are yet to be finalised. To make greater progress in reducing poverty, Benin must now adress the more difficult longer-term challenges of diversifyng the economy and building effective public institutions. The following areas of focus are critical : (1) completing the reform agenda and deepening crucial reforms; (ii) clarifying the role for the State and prioritizing government action; and (iii) enlisting political and cultural support for the most difficult reforms.
With the support of its develpment aprtners, including the World Bank, the Government has recently defined a new Rural Sector developement Strategy (RSDS). Its objective is to ensure a constant, sustainable and equitable growth in the rural sector in order to improve the living standard of populations.
The World Bank has been assisting Benin in the definition of its Rural Development strategy as well as in its implementation in order to archieve accerated and widely-shared economic growth in the rural sector. The World Bank’s assistance to Benin’s rural developement is done through the on-going budget support operations, designated Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC),financing of a Cotton Sector Reform operation, a national Community-riven Development operation, and a Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Program, and some GEF supported oparetions for in the foresty and coastal marine sectors.
Duites and Responibilities :
The selected candidate will be based at the World Bank Office in Cotonou, Benin;e:she will report to Environmental, Rural and Social development Department for central and West Africa (AFTS3) and will work under the direction of the Sector manager World Bank Country Office Manager for Benin and Togo. His/her main responsibilities will include :
1. Providing key support in the formulation of rural deveopment strategies and policies and in the preparation and updaring of the Medium term Expnditure Frameworks (MTEF) for concerned ministries (the Ministry of Agricukture, Livestock & Fisheries (MAEP), and the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Urbanism (MEHU) in the framework of the Poverty Reduction Startegy Credits (PRSC).
2. Taking an active role in country dialogue on rural development policies and issues including reforms in the cotton sector, strategies and programs with the government and its national and external partners : facilitating the development of a dialogue forum to foster partnership among development partners
3. Playing a key role in the supervision of the implementation of rural development programs/projects starting with the Multi-sector HIV/AIDS (MAP), the Foresty and Adjacent Lands Management Program (PGFTR), the Coastal Zone Management Project, and the Cotton Sector Reform Project (PARFC), and in the preparation of new projects of which he/she will actively contribute;
4. Supervising the monitoring and evaluation of the sector development (economic performances, and reforms and their impacts) ;
Detailed responsibilities include :
5. Assisting Team Leaders in the supervision of the Bank supported operations in the agricultural sector, community development and in HIV/AIDS, and assisting in the conduct of Bank policy dialogue with Benin (key decision makers in government, donors, and beneficiaries) in the above areas ;
6. Working closely with Bank staff responsuble for other sectors ensure coherence with Bank’s operations in rural development ;
7. Assuring liaison with producers and their professional organizations, cotton reform institutions and actors, local community, and the civil society, and to advise project managers in Washington and World Bank Country Office Manager on approaches that are likely to result in efficient impact of the World Bank financed programs ;
8. Working in close collaboration with Bank staff for rural, environmental and social development in other countries in the sub-region and if necessary,assit these programs ;
9. Acting as an Agricultural Economist and as a World focal point for the rural developement in the implementation of the rural developement component of the Poverty Reduction Startegy Paper (PRSP), and the use of HIPC funds through supporting the preparation and updating of Budget Programs and Medium term Expenditure Frameworksfor concerted ministries (the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, & Fisheries and the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Urbanism) ;
10. Undertaking other related duties as designed by the Sector Manager and the Country Office Manager in the extension of the Benin portfolio.
Selection criteria :
o Univesuty Degree : a minimum of Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics or a relevant area of expertise : Economics, Agronomy, Natural Resources Economics or equivalent with valuable field experience in rural development ;
o Minimum of 7 years of relevant experience in rural developement, with some experience in rural developement policy and strategy, natural resources management, community development, and food security in developing countries ;
oDemonstrated ability in policy analysis and strategic planningin rural developement ;
oDemonstrated ability in the management of rural projects, including institutional reforms in the rural sector ;
o Demonstrated experience in dealing with government, rural institutions and populations, civil society, and developement partners in the areas of rural developement, and effective communication skills to facilitate community participation and dissemination of techniques.
o Strong knowledge of World Bank operational pocesses and procedures would be desirable ;
oDemonstrated ability to work in a team ;
oExcellent verbal and written communication skills in Fresch. A good command of English is in advantage ;
o Good computer literacy.
Instructions for application :
Please send a CV and Cover letter (listing telephone number and email address) explaining why you believe you are a good candidate. Envelopes should be marked « Agricuktural Economist », and be sent to : Banque Mondiale Bureau du Bénin Boulevard de la Marina/route d l’aéroport Face Bénin Marina Hôtel 03 P. 2112 Jéricho Cotonou – Bénin
Applications, including CV and Cover letter, can also be sent electronically to wbafrrecruit@worldbank.org.the E-mail should be » : « Agricultural Economist ».
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted

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