Development of an online integrated Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL) platform

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Development of an online integrated Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL) platform

This is a request for proposal for the development of an online integrated Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL) platform to be utilized by the USAID Keneya Sinsi Wale Project for the collection, analysis, and presentation of all project data over the next four years (October 1, 2021-August 30, 2025). The Project is inviting proposals from capable, experienced, and competent organizations for the development of this MERL Platform.

Please, click here to download the terms of reference



The purpose of this request for proposal is to identify an Offeror to support the Keneya Sinsi Wale project to develop a comprehensive MERL Platform for the management of project data. The platform will collect data on over 100 indicators and activities in 660 communities in three regions (Mopti, Segou and Sikasso) over the life of the project. The MERL platform is required to have both online and offline functionality and must provide for the review and analysis of data via dashboards, provide sufficient data storage, and enable the broadcast of messages in multiple formats. 

Type of Contract

The final award will be a firm fixed price contract. 

Anticipated Contract Term

The term of the contract including platform development, troubleshooting, staff training, and finalization of the product will be six months starting from the date of signature of contract. 

Company Information

Palladium is a global leader in the design, development, and delivery of Positive Impact — the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. We work with corporations, governments, foundations, investors, communities, and civil society to formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate lasting social, environmental, and financial benefits.


The Keneya Sinsi Wale activity aims to expand access to high-quality health services and increase Malians’ ability to plan, finance and manage their health system and their own health at the community, district, regional levels within the regions of Sikasso, Segou, and Mopti, and at the national level. The Project works in collaboration with Malians and their public, private and civic institutions, and systems to strengthen management and leadership, workforce development, systems management functioning, quality of care, supervision, data for decision-making, and health governance and financing.

This activity also collaborates with other USAID non-health activities that are working in areas such as governance and finance that are relevant to the health system. Additionally, this activity, in collaboration with the Keneya Nieta activity, will strengthen citizen participation in, and social accountability for, quality health services and efficiently managed health systems. The availability of high-quality health services will be increased through increased availability of competent health personnel and ensuring that health centers and health workers provide a complete package of services. It also requires the availability of outreach health services for remote, insecure, and hard-to-reach areas, and appropriate lab services at the community level.


Submission of any proposal is due by October 18, 2021, and all proposals are required to remain valid for a period of 60 days after submission. Palladium anticipates issuing a contract within 30 days contingent on client approval of the selected Offeror. The anticipated start date for delivery/provision of services is November 18, 2021.

Scope of Work and Standards

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Mali has awarded Palladium International a 5-year Cooperative Agreement no. 72068820CA000003 for the implementation of the Keneya Sinsi Wale project which seeks to impact and strengthen the Mali health system in the regions of Mopti, Segou and Sikasso. The project is seeking proposals to develop and maintain an online platform to effectively track the project’s performance through collected data. The platform will also facilitate data sharing and use among external audiences for use in research, public policy development, and strategic decision making.


The proposed Platform will be utilized by approximately 2000 users including project staff, USAID/Mali, the Malian Ministry of Health at national, regional and district levels, regional private health care providers, local NGOs, and key implementing partners.


Please, click here to download the terms of reference

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