Fourniture de véhicules/

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Fourniture de véhicules/

L4G project overview
AECOM International Development was awarded the 5-year, $9.5 million Livestock for Growth (L4G) project on September 30, 2014. It will be the core activity of USAID’s multi-component Livestock Value Chain Project, which aims to increase inclusive agricultural sector growth and is part of the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future Initiative (FtF) in Mali. L4G will provide technical assistance to support the sustainable development of a competitive, inclusive livestock production sector within USAID/Mali’s Feed the Future Zone of Influence, which will have positive impacts on the overarching concerns of poverty and malnutrition, in line with Feed the Future goals. The purpose of L4G is to increase inclusive livestock value chain competitiveness by contributing to USAID Intermediate Results (IRs) for increased livestock productivity, increased domestic and export livestock trade, strengthened market linkages and access, and an improved enabling environment for the livestock sector.
To support the project activities, the L4G project requires the purchase of four (4) motor vehicles for project operations.
The RFQ and instructions can be downloaded from www.malil4g.com,  » Procurement » page
Bidders are required to submit their offer by e-mail at rfq@malil4g.com not later than December 5, 2014
The subject of the email will be the number of the RFQ.

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