Financial Audit of Mali PSR subcontractor resources 

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Financial Audit of Mali PSR subcontractor resources 


RFP- CAI-PSR-F-04-23-1 

Financial Audit of Mali PSR subcontractor resources 

To:  Offerors

From:   Creative Associates International, Inc./ P4P

Subject: Request for Proposal (RFP) No. CAI-PSR-F-04-23-1

Performance Period: 21 days

RFP Issue Date: 20/4/2023

RFP Closing Date:  3/5/2023           

RFP Closing Time: 4:00 PM – Local Time, Bamako

Reference:  United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Contract # 720-688-18-C-00002                       

Enclosed is a Request for Proposals (RFP). Creative invites qualified firms and organizations to submit a best-price proposal for the audit of Creative’s subcontractor’s financial statements.  This work will be funded under USAID Contract # 720-688-18-C-00002. The issuance of a subcontract is subject to availability of funds, successful negotiation of the subcontract budget and terms, and receiving USAID’s Contracting Officer consent, if required. The Contract resulting from this award will be a single firm fixed price purchase order.

The requirements for this activity are described in the “Statement of Work” in Attachment I. Creative encourages your organization to indicate its interest in this procurement by submitting a proposal according to the instructions in Attachment II “Instructions to Offerors”. Proposals will be evaluated based on the “Evaluation Criteria” in Attachment III. Creative will make an award to the responsible Offeror submitting an offer which provides best value to the project: technical merit and price will be both considered.

To be considered, Offerors should submit a complete proposal no later than the closing date and time indicated above. Offerors should ensure that the proposals are well-written in English, easy to read, follow the instructions provided and contain only requested information.

Any questions should be submitted in writing and emailed to  no later than three working days after the issue date of this RFP, at 5:00 pm GMT. No questions will be entertained if they are received by means other than the specified email address, and any communications to alternate e-mail addresses will result in the disqualification of the bidder.  The solicitation number (listed above) should be stated in the subject line. Answers will be compiled and distributed within three days from the closing date of questions

Final Proposals must be sent via soft copy to and must be comprised of one electronic copy of the Technical Proposal and one electronic copy of cost proposal.

Attachments: (Click here to download)

Attachment I   : Statement of Work
Attachment II  : Instructions to Offerors
Attachment III : Evaluation Criteria
Attachment IV : Proposal Cover Letter
Attachment V  : Prime Contract Flow-Down Clauses

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